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noun - tealfoam; adjective - tealfoamin'

a visual representation of the euphoria and excitement one experiences during the act of being creative; the embodiment of passion for design; the flash of an 'aha!' moment or enjoyment derived from aesthetic awesomeness

featured work

itchin' to see some more? check out our behance portfolio here.


  • web

    Your website tells a story about you, encourages connection with others, and leaves a lasting impression on potential clientele. In this digital age, creating the correct image is crucial. Let us help you develop a website that aligns with you and your company, and build a web presence that shows what you truly have to offer.

  • 3D animation &
    motion graphics

    From commercials to promotional videos to snazzy presentations -
    we do it all. Tealfoam's visionary animators will whip up a motion design cocktail that is sure to leave you drunk on animated awesomeness.

    If you would like to see our 3D animation reel, please shoot us an email:

  • banner ad

    Banner ads are a quick and effective way for you to reach a target audience. We develop, code, and animate Flash display ads for traffic to your chosen markets.

  • print &

    Business cards, posters, flyers, letterheads, logos, online and print advertisements - you name it, we'll create it!

  • IA & UX

    Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) are the skeleton of a website or application. In its most basic form, it's the right information being presented the right way, in the right place, at the right time. Sites that don't base design on IA and UX leave users confused and searching for answers that should be easy to find - we help ensure a seamless experience with your online presence.

photoshop | illustrator | flash | dreamweaver | indesign | after effects | cinema 4D